The Cancer Care Team

This section provides information on the following topics:

The Oncology Team

Learn how oncologists work as part of a health care team, which often includes other specialists, oncology nurses, and additional health care professionals.

Choosing a Doctor for Your Cancer Care

Find out about factors to consider when selecting an oncologist, the cancer specialist you and your family will be working with throughout your cancer care and treatment.

Types of Oncologists

Learn more about the different types of clinical oncologists, who are doctors who specialize in the care and treatment of people with cancer. Your health care team may include more than one oncologist, based on the treatment plan or the diagnosis; this is called multi-disciplinary care.

Seeking a Second Opinion

Learn about when and how to get a second medical opinion about your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Finding a New Doctor

Review helpful tips if you need to search for a new oncologist because you’ve moved, had a change in health insurance, or because your doctor has moved or retired.

Doctor Stories

Cancer doctors are constantly making strides in cancer research and patient care. Learn about some of the oncologists who are making a world of difference in cancer care.