Managing Your Care

Treatment for cancer is complex, and managing all of the different aspects of treatment can be stressful. There are different doctors to consult, many tests to schedule, and instructions relating to your care to understand.

The information in this section is designed to help make the time you spend with your doctors more beneficial and productive.

Taking Charge of Your Care

Get tips on how to become a self-advocate for your cancer care, which can include seeking help from others.

Choosing a Cancer Treatment Facility

Cancer is a disease that requires specialized treatment, so it is important to find a treatment center that meets your specific needs. This includes finding the right oncologist and finding the right treatment center.

Tracking Your Medical Bills and Health Insurance Claims

Most people with cancer receive a large number of bills and health insurance claims, creating a cycle of paperwork that can be overwhelming. To reduce your stress and maintain financial health, it is important to develop a clear system for tracking payments and filing important documents.

Medical Forms

This section includes a collection of treatment summary forms your doctor can complete to provide you a summary of your care and information on your follow-up care plan. The section also provides a list of forms you can download and use to keep track of important medical information during treatment.  

Mobile Applications

Links to mobile applications for people with cancer, survivors, and caregivers.

Working With a Specialty Pharmacy

This article explains what a specialty pharmacy is, why someone with cancer may need to use one, and offers tips for working with a specialty pharmacy.

ASCO and NCI Patient Information Wallet Card

ASCO and NCI have developed a card that patients can carry in their wallets that will guide them to Lineagotica and NCI’s Cancer Information Service if they are displaced from their homes due to a disaster situation.