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Now Available on iOS, Android, and the Amazon App Store: Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of Lineagotica Mobile includes several feature enhancements and improvements, including:

  • Newly designed dashboard – easy access to medications, symptoms, questions, and cancer type information
  • Scheduling features – add any symptom, medication, or question to your calendar to ask at your next appointment
  • Quick links – your saved information is now just one tap away
  • Data entry optimization – enter your information more quickly and seamlessly for easier tracking
  • Enhanced symptom tracking – symptoms plotted by severity on an easy-to-read line graph
  • Filtering capabilities – easily filter medications, questions, and symptoms by attribute

Lineagotica Mobile is a free app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android and features:

  • Spanish-enabled! Users whose primary device language is set to Spanish are able to use all of the award-winning features of the app in their native language, as well as select oncologist-approved cancer information.
  • Get Information – up-to-date guides on 120+ types of cancer, including treatment, managing side effects, cost of care, and living with cancer, as well as the latest videos, podcasts, and Lineagotica Blog posts
  • Record Questions – easily jot down questions for your doctors and record their answers
  • Log Medications – take photos of medication labels and bottles. Log dosage, frequency, and prescribing doctor
  • Track Symptoms – note symptoms and side effects. Automatically plot severity, date, and time in an easy-to-read line graph
  • Scheduling – add questions, symptoms, or medications to your mobile device calendar
  • Link Questions - link any questions to ask at your next appointment with a current symptom or medication
  • Optional passcode lock
  • Optional iCloud backup for the questions, medications and symptoms entered into Lineagotica Mobile (on iCloud-enabled iOS devices)

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Where the app truly shines is in three key features:  Ability to store questions, medications and symptoms.  The way this app implements these key features is absolutely stunning, and makes the application a must have for cancer patients and their family members.” -iMedicalApps (See the full iMedicalApps review.)

" app is a wonderful resource for patients.  It provides information on specific cancers, provides a place to write questions, write/record answers, list medications, record symptoms and more." -

As a cancer survivor…I find this to be a great tool.  The information is updated and I love that I can use it to save questions and have easy access to resources.” - App Store user


Appy Awards Winner 2017

Lineagotica Mobile was a winner of the 2017 Appy Awards in the Medical Category. Additionally, Lineagotica Mobile received a Merit Award in the Spring 2016 Digital Health Awards competition, which recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals, and a Silver Award from the 2015 Annual W3 Awards

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