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Lineagotica is pleased to offer some of its information in patient-friendly videos produced by ASCO, with a new video posted regularly. This gives people with cancer, and their families and friends, an additional option of how they'd like to receive oncologist-approved information. Select a category below to view videos by topic; you can also subscribe to Lineagotica’s channel on YouTube.

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Watch patient-friendly videos about the basics of cancer care, particularly helpful if you or a loved one has been newly diagnosed with cancer.

Watch patient-friendly videos about the specific medical tests and procedures used to diagnose and treat cancer.

Watch patient-friendly videos about the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, as well as some ways to cope with side effects.

Watch patient-friendly videos on how to manage common challenges faced by people living with cancer.

Watch patient-friendly videos about how to deal with issues arising after treatment for cancer. This section also contains videos on survivorship issues.

Cancer not only affects the person diagnosed, it also affects family members and friends. Watch patient-friendly videos about how to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

View patient education videos about the latest advances in cancer care and the scientific highlights of ASCO's Annual Meetings.

View a series of videos on coping with challenges faced by young adults diagnosed with cancer, offering perspectives from both survivors and doctors, from ASCO and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

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